Thursday, May 26, 2011

gigi oh gigi..

setelah kian lama  menyepi...akhirnya hari ini, tercapai jua hasratku utk create new entry..huhu.
kali ni nk citer pasal gigi or teeth..bukan denture eh, original is normal but not within normal all people know, 1st gigi yg tumbuh is lower incisor.....and at the age of around 6 months old.buttttttt it is happen to be 1st nuraini lower incisor keluar mase umur 5 bulan n husband of course la sgt excited....first person yg perasan about that gigi is my mom...die pulak yg risau terlebih, takut nuraini gigit my nipple n berdarah2..kekadang rase jugak my mom ni risau terlebih..i think it is normal for baby to bite his/her mother nipple esp those who are breastfeed.rite? Kat sebelah ni adalah TOOTH ERUPTION CHART yg dirembat dari internet..

we're so happy & excited..bile pikir balik, tumbuh gigi je..hehe,maybe first experience kan..anak tumbuh gigi..parents lak lebih2..anyway, the feelin' is good and couldnt be describe by words also..those amazing feelin' only those who understand & felt the same only knows..ape-ape pun..syukur padaNya, nuraini ok demam, no meragam bile gigi start to erupt...its happen just like that..wif no signal also...x tau la plak kalo kami x perasan..

bile dah ade gigi, some people interpret it as baby is ready for solid food........erm, for me i do not want to start giving nuraini solid food cos i do believe, no harm wait for 6 months since x berape lame pun lagi.....for us, yg penting kena dapatkan toothbrush for her..hehe of kos la the cute one n wif safety features...will upload the toothbrush pix next time...till ya ;)


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