Wednesday, March 30, 2011

demam lagi...ROSEOLA INFANTUM :P

hai everyone.....
thanks for visiting this page..hahah ;)
sambungan entry..demam oh demam..
after fever dh slow down, rashes develop on all over nuraini's body..starting from forehead - neck - chest area - leg..kat head pun ade..tergaru2 la sikecil daku ini............dlm hati ni, campak(measles) ke?

1st thing to do hubby..erm,hubby suggest tanye my mum or my doctors mum cakap mungkin drs fren also..hati mula bimbang..dlm kepala ni dah terbayang air kelapa..(ni info dr jiran sebelah rumah!!) mane la pulak nk dpt air kelapa ni..brain tgh workhard tuk ingat balik,mane kedai yg jual air kelapa nih..then call hubby ajak p klinik...tanpa membuang masa..terus bukak internet n cari info pasal measles kt FB jugak..byk info yg daku step is..

2nd visit to peads finally we found out that....
oh is not measles....its called roseola is some info on roseola infantum......

roseola infantum is a benign viral endemic illness of infants and young children, caused by human herpesvirus 6 (of which there are two strains, A and B) and possibly by herpesvirus 7. It is characterized by abrupt, high, sustained or spiking fever, mild pharyngitis, and lymph node enlargement. Febrile seizures may occur. After 4 or 5 days the fever suddenly drops to normal, and a faint, pink, maculopapular rash appears on the neck, trunk, and thighs. The rash may last a few hours to 2 days. Diagnosis is based on high fever and the rash. Sequelae may occur as a result of the seizures. There is no specific therapy or vaccine. Acetaminophen is often used to try to control fever. Also called exanthema subitum, sixth disease, Zahorsky's disease.

Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.
another definition:
1. any rose-colored rash.
roseola infan´tum a common acute disease caused by infection with the herpesvirusRoseolovirus. It usually occurs in children under two years old, coming on suddenly and disappearing in 3 to 5 days, leaving no permanent marks. Diagnosis is difficult because the sole early symptom, beyond irritability and drowsiness, is fever. There may be convulsions, and generally the fever is very high; 40°C (104°F) is not unusual. Despite the high fever, the disease is mild. Called also exanthem subitum.
As the fever subsides and the disease is apparently at an end, a rash breaks out, usually on the body. This is unlike the course of other childhood diseases such as measles, scarlet fever, and chickenpox, in which the rash is present during the most intense phase; the rash of roseola infantum lasts only a few days and may disappear within hours (often it is so transitory that it is missed). Treatment consists only of such standard measures as antipyretics and tepid sponge baths to allay the fever. Rest and fluids are also recommended.

Once it is over, the child is believed to be permanently immune from further attacks. Roseola is sometimes confused with rubella, but is distinguished by having no lymph node involvement. 
Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved

Sunday, March 27, 2011

demam oh demam

salam semua..
entry kali ni berkenaan demam..bersempana nuraini demam teruk start on 23 march 2011..
hati sgt gundah gulana,,hanya Tuhan sahaja yg tahu..walau ape pun..kami sgt bersyukur kerana byk hikmah yg kami sekeluarga perolehi dek kerana peristiwa itu..
this is the first time our lil one demam teruk...selalunya demam kejap je..plg lama pun 1/2 day..
disebabkan first time byk benda yg x tahu..n take things for granted..
suhu paling tinggi yg dicatat adalah 39.6 degree celcious..mungkin agak kurang tepat cos nuraini baru lepas merengek mase tuh..
kami bawak nuraini jumpe pead..we went to klinik pakar bayi & kanak-kanak ANG..banyak info yang kami dapat..
according to that pead..nuraini byk ikut abi die..she is one of the babies who have allergies..hehe
so far..eczema and rhinitis which is resdung..both acquire from her abi..ummi xde resdung n xde eczema wonder skin die cepat merah kalo berpeluh..nuraini oh nuraini.....

pity nuraini..demam + batuk + selsema in one package..actually ingatkan panas badan biasa je..almaklum la baru balik dr bersuka ria di kota bharu..rupa2 nye kena viral fever......

advice of Dr ANg to us..
  • no need to bath her until demam dh kebah..after that,mandi pun skali je..kt RUMAH not at nursery
  • only freshly prepared processed food k
  • no carpet in the house..
  • no pet like cats..those yg berbulu-bulu la
  • no soft toys yg berbulu2 jugak..erm..kena simpan la semua koleksi awak..hihi
  • rumah x boleh berhabuk -erm masalahnye kami duk tepi pantai..cane nk elakkan tuh?
  • banyakkan minumair putih.......
sekian be continue....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preparation for SOLID FOOD **

salam semua..
Nuraini is getting 6 months..
congrats anakku for exclusive breasfeeding...
thanks a lot for  ur precious cooperation..also to abi..who always understand the benefit of breastfeeding n for the continous ya a lot ;)

memandangkan solid food akan bermula...berikut adalah checklist/gadjet2 penting yg kami sgt perlukan...

1) ummi's need
  • rice cooker & steamer
  • blender
  • penapis
  • storage container
  • warmer

2) NURAINI's need
  • spoon (varies according to my age ye ummi & abi :P)
  • food plate/mangkuk pun boleh - plastic punye tau
  • drinking cup..(varies according to my age also..)
  • pp bottle - for nursery purpose 4 isi plain water
  • fresh food aje ye ummi & abi..pls avoid PROCESSED FOOD  Ok?
3) ABI's need
  • MONEY.. of course to buy all ummi & nuraini needs
  • TIME.. to accompany ummi & nuraini shopping!
  • BURNING THE MIDNIGHT help ummi preparing food for our lil one...
  • FOOD TASTER.. to test each & every bites of new recipe before giving them to our loved onesssss
we  will try our best for nuraini's best level of health.......peace.....

Brown Rice Filtered Porridge

Hello everyone...its time for solid FOOD.. ;)

my first solid food is brown rice filtered porridge,,
dibuat dengan penuh kasih sayang oleh ummi tercinta...dengan kerjasama abi yg dikasihi,

berikut adalah bahan2 dan peralatan yang diperlukan......
1) Rice Cooker 
2) Brown Rice
3) Penapis
4) Water 
5) Blender

cara -cara membuatnya:

a) brown rice tu 1/2 cup dh cukup...bilas wif tap water n then put in rice cooker..
b) put 3 cup of water..use the same cup of sukat brown rice td...
c) set the rice cooker (depends on rice cooker yg kite guna k!)...ummi punye rice cooker kena set porridge & brown rice..
d) will masak around 1 hour..tick tock tick tock..yeee porridge dh masak!!!
e) let the porridge sejuk for a while...put into blender...add small amount of air suam if needed..
blend sehingga sgt fine!!!
f) next step is..tapis porridge tu dgn penapis...bahagikan kepada beberapa bekas utk stok penyimpanan..

dh siap.....senang je kan?
                     BROWN RICE FILTERED PORRIDGE...
selamat mencuba..;) 


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